Privacy Policy

SPL’s Commitment to Privacy

SPL Foods Ltd is fully committed to upholding its Privacy Policy. Providing the company with your personal information is an act of trust; an act that is taken very seriously. This Privacy Policy will outline details on how information is collected and used.


As of the 25th May GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became legislation. This will affect every business, particularly, ones which store personal data of customers or individuals.

What data do we store?

Please see below, examples of the information we hold on our systems.

Customers & Suppliers:

  • Contact names
  • Company registered address/Invoice address(s)/Delivery Address(s)
  • Company name
  • Company email addresses
  • VAT numbers
  • Company Registration Number

Suppliers Only:

  • Bank details for payment purposes: Sort code, Account number, Account Name, IBAN.

We use information to allow us to fulfil our contractual obligation to you as a customer or supplier. Information about you and your company is stored onsite at SPL Foods Limited and is protected by system login IDs and passwords. Backup data is retained to enable us to recover any lost data through equipment failure or damage to the network. Therefore, we are the only party who can access the back-up data. You have the right to request a copy of the information SPL Foods Limited holds for you and your business.
We do not collect or share any information with any third parties in or outside the EU. No information on the website is stored.

Personally Identifiable Information

As SPL takes your privacy seriously, no personally identifiable information will be collected unless it is voluntarily provided. SPL Foods will not share your information with any third parties in or outside the EU.