Welcome to SPL Foods Ltd

At SPL Foods Ltd, we’re not just a business; we’re a family legacy that has been nourishing appetites and forging culinary connections for more than 75 years.

We remain dedicated to sourcing the finest foods from around the world, ensuring that each product we offer is a testament to our heritage and commitment to excellence.
Our extensive network of suppliers, growers, processors, and manufacturers is the backbone of our operation, making SPL Foods one of the most influential players in the realm of imported foods.

We understand that products are just part of the story, which is why we take pride in offering outstanding customer service. We’re here to work with you, hand in hand, to meet your every need. And when it comes to innovation, we’re not stopping at our products; our New Product Development team are ready to take your culinary creations to new horizons.

This website serves as your window into our world, a place where you can get better acquainted with our company, products, and the comprehensive suite of services we offer.










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Triple Lion Label

Discover our exclusive Triple Lion label featuring bespoke manufactured products designed to enhance your culinary experience. From vibrant green and red pesto to the rich flavours of garlic puree and chopped garlic, our range encompasses a variety of tastes and textures. Dive into the tangy delight of lime pickle, savour the exotic notes of mango chutney, and add a kick of flavour with our sweet chili sauce. Triple Lion offers a wide range of products from dried Basmati rice to herbs, spices, pasta, beans, peas and pulses. All Triple Lion products are packed according to strict quality control systems, whether they are sourced and packed in our own factory in the UK or packed at 3rd party facilities elsewhere in the world. Our entire supply chain, irrespective of the product, is BRC, or equivalent, accredited and fully traceable. Our dedicated buying team work tirelessly with suppliers and our QA team to ensure these high standards are maintained consistently throughout the year. Where products are seasonal, we will only buy at harvest time, to ensure consistency of supply until the following crop is harvested. Elevate your dishes with our thoughtfully crafted, high-quality products that bear the signature of Triple Lion excellence.

Quattro Food Development

Quattro Foods is your go-to source for personalised culinary solutions, serving the distinct demands of the restaurant, retail, and wholesale sectors. Delivering to the high street chains, restaurants, food service providers, healthcare institutions, international organisations like the United Nations, and educational Institutions ranging from schools and colleges to universities.

Located in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England, Quattro Foods are all about bringing their culinary expertise to the UK, Europe and beyond.

Standing as a prominent player in the UK’s food manufacturing scene, known for their proficiency in crafting and delivering food products. Whether it’s creating authentic international dishes or developing products with extended shelf life – the award-winning chef’s, global restaurateurs, seasoned caterers, and experts from the realms of fine dining and commercial food establishments masterfully infuse flavours whilst meeting specific dietary requirements. Quattro Foods work to the highest of standards and all food is produced in a nut free environment.

To explore the full range of what Quattro Foods has in store, we invite you to visit their website for more details and insights.

We Can Foods

We Can’s story began in 1988 and with over 30 years of experience under their belts they have evolved into a well- established enterprise. Specialising in providing a diverse selection of high-quality canned foods, available under both private label and own brand.

We Can’s New Product Development (NPD) team are the culinary wizards behind the scenes, ready to whip up private label creations tailored to your exact desires. Right here in the UK canning factory, bringing your vision to life. With an extensive product portfolio – including over 100 tried and true recipes, We Can are equipped to produce under your label using nothing but the finest, top – tier ingredients. Anything from meat to plant based – We Can create soups, beans and pulses, authentic foods, ready meals, vegan meals, and side accompaniments.